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Face Crystal Sticker
Face Crystal Sticker Kleebitavad Kivikesed Näole
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Модель:  Face Crystal Sticker Kleebitavad Kivikesed Näole
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Производитель:  Vaata pakendilt
Импортер:  Vaata pakendilt

Face Crystal Sticker

*Face Diamante Sticker Kit for you to create sparkle face makeup

*Reflecting shinning light, giving a crystal effect

*Amazing with glitter and stylish makeup

*Eco-friendly materials, no harm to skin

*Perfect for festival, party, wedding, and salon use

Step1:Clean skin to remove oil, lotion, dirty and makeup for better adhesion.

Be sure the skin is completely dry before applying gems.

Step2:Carefully remove gems from film and apply gems to clean dry skin.

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