PRO KOSMEETIKA - the largest and cheapest department store for beauty products - stores in Tallinn and Tartu

NB: Prices on e-shops and on-site stores may vary.


TULIKA ÄRIMAJA (Tulika Business House, 1 floor)

Mon-Fri 08.00-18.00

Tulika 15/17 (1st floor), Tallinn 10613 (entrance from the right side of the house)

Shop phone. +372 5819 4668

E-shop orders, shipment, phone. +372 5553 7452

Shopping center MUSTIKAS (2nd floor)

Mon-Fri 10.00-20.00

Sat 10.00-20.00

Sun 10.00-18.00

Tammsaare tee 116, Tallinn 12918, Mustika Shopping Center

Shop "PRO Kosmeetika" Open 7 days a week

Shop phone. 553 6987

MUSTAKIVI PRISMA Shopping Center (1 floor)

Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00

Mustakivi tee 17, Tallinn 13912

Shop "PRO Kosmeetika" Open 7 days a week

Shop phone. 5818 9797


Shopping Center EEDEN (1 floor)

Mon-Sun 10.00-21.00

Kalda tee 1c, Tartu 50703

Shop "PRO Kosmeetika" Open 7 days a week

Shop phone. 5553 7601


TULIKA shop tel. 5819 4668

MUSTIKAS shop 553 6987

EEDEN shop tel. 5553 7601

MUSTAKIVI shop tel. 5818 9797


BUREAU tel. +372 558 7571 (EST, RUS, ENG, FIN)

General information e-mail:


PROstore24 OÜ

Vat no. EE102369296

Reg. nr. 16119513

Training and activity license no. KHK010856

PROstore24 OÜ has the right to make cosmetic and cosmetic training.

Bank details:

Payee: PROstore24 OÜ

LHV account number: EE027700771006244115

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