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PaintGlow UV Neon Face Paint
PaintGlow UV Neon Face Paint
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Malli:  PaintGlow UV Neon Face Paint
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Valmistajamaa:  Inglismaa UK
Maahantuoja:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pakkauksessa:  10 ml

PaintGlow UV Neon Face Paint

PaintGlow UV reactive Face & Body Paints are manufactured using a wax-based system giving our product a smooth, thick and creamy application to the face and body. Our product does not contain artificial fragrance and is a natural mild wax scented product made with 100% Organic beeswax, Carnauba Wax and Coconut oil containing Vitamin E. Our product is moisturising, nourishing, soothing, regenerating, long lasting and smudge resistant.
Brightest Glowing & Largest Colour Range in the World of UV Face Paints

Our Super Glowing UV Neon body paint formula is available in 12 colours containing a high UV pigment content unlike other products on the market. Our day-glow pigments exhibit extremely intense bright Neon colours in natural lighting, and when exposed to UV lighting / black lighting conditions they glow fantastically, producing amazing fluorescent UV Colours. This product is widely used at festivals, clubbing events, kids' parties, Halloween, dancing schools, concerts, stage performances and is also a must-have for professional make-up artists. We offer a vast range of Colours in several tube sizes, including net fills of 10ml, 50ml & 100ml.
Why choose PaintGlow Neon UV Face Paints ?

Our UV Face Paint & Neon Body Paint product outshines the competition due to our wax-based system containing Beeswax and also carnauba wax which is used in high-end cosmetics by global cosmetic companies such as Avon, Mac cosmetics, Estee lauder, lush, Olay, L'Oreal, Nivea and many more. Coconut oil is also an essential ingredient in our unique formulation which contains Vitamin E giving amazing soothing and moisturising properties to the skin, while the beeswax and Carnauba wax give our product a natural pleasant scent. We are proud to offer a far superior colour range which extends to 12 UV colours the largest colour range available for this product worldwide.