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Refectocil Starter Set DVD ja meikkipussilla Sisältää:   6x erinevat tooni värvituubi (Eyelash and eyebrow tint) 15ml 1x Vesinik 50ml. (Oxidant 3%10vol.) 80x Silmakaitse paberid (Eye protection papers EXTRA) 057918 Nahalt värvi eemaldaja - Tint Remover 100ml. Meigi ja rasu eemaldaja karvadelt (ei sisalda õli) - Eye Makeup Remover 100ml. 5x Pintslid - Pehme karv Refectocil DVD disc plaad juhistega - D/ GB/ ES/ RUS/ AR Silmaalune kreem, mis sobib ka paberi kinnitamiseks - Skin Protection Cream 75ml. Comes with beautiful cosmetic bag.      
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Kertakäyttöiset ripsiväri sauvat, harja, 1kpl.
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Scissor Tweezer karvanpoistaja - SASSI 83133 - remove hairs
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Micro harja annostelija
Kertakäyttöinen huuli sivellin 9cm.
Minkki ripset XS LASHES, D 15 Tutustumishinnalla, paras laatu valitse pituus valikoimasta...
XS LASHES Minkkiripset, D0,20 Tutustumishinnalla, parasta laatua valitse pituus...
Minkkiripset XS LASHES, B0,15 Tutustumishinnalla, paras laatu valitse pituus valikoimasta...
XS LASHES Minkkiripset, B0,20 Tutustumishinnalla, parasta laatua valitse pituus...
XS LASHES Minkkiripset, J0,20 Tutustumishinnalla, parasta laatua valitse pituus...
Minkki ripset XS LASHES, C0,25 Tutustumishinnalla valitse pituus valikoimasta...
XS LASHES Minkkiripset, J0,15 Tutustumishinnalla, parasta laatua valitse pituus...
Premium W-ripset C-0,20 12mm C-0,10 12mm
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Premium Y-Lash For Professionals C ( 0,15 - 12mm) Y-lashes are high quality eyelash extension materials. The eyelashes are on adhesive strips to simplify the eyelash extension procedure.  
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Pinsetit kärjen leveys 1,5 mm, SASSI USA Pituus: 9,5cm
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Leveä suora kärki pinsetit kulmakarvojen nyppimisen Pituus: 9.5 cm. Kärjen leveys: 3mm
Poistoainegeeli, Gel Remover - Tehokas ripsien poistoaine, hellävarainen    
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XS Ultra Strong 4-8 week, 2-3sec. Ingredient    CAS No. Ethyl Cyanoacetate    105-56-6 Cyanoacrylate    7085-85-0 Poly Alkyl Methacrylate    9011-14-7 Polyisocyanate    9016-87-9 Carbon Black / D&C Black No. 2    1333-86-4 Water    7732-18-5
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Kynsisakset - Sassi Professional Salon 83201 Laadukkaat materiaalit ja valmistus elinikäinen takuu. Pituus: 9,5cm.
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Sakset Sassi Professional Salon Safety Scissor 83202 Laadukkaat materiaalit ja valmistus elinikäinen takuu. Pituus: 9cm.
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Vahvistettu sakset ripsien tai lapsien kynsille, Sassi Professional Superior Salon Safety Scissor, 83205 Laadukkaat materiaalit ja valmistus elinikäinen takuu. Pituus: 9cm.
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Kynsien sakset - Sassi Professional Toe Nail Scissor 83203 Laadukkaat materiaalit ja valmistus elinikäinen takuu. Pituus: 9,2cm.
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Kulmien leikkuri - Razor, 2kpl. SASSI USA, 84601
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SASSI ripsien kiharrin pinseteillä
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Ripsikiharrin pinseteillä, Sassi 84504
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Pienet pinsetit, suora terävä kärki, SASSI USA, 8,8cm - poistaa sisäänpäin kasvaneita ihokarvoja
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Suora kärki pinsetit - Straight tip tweezer - SASSI 83124, 8,5 cm
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Värilliset ripset - Premium Y-ripset, C0,15 - 12mm
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Kaksiväriset minkkiripset, C 0,20x12mm , 12 riviä Mustat värilliset ripset, ripsien päät on eriväriset - punainen, violetti, sininen ja vihreä.
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Ripsien kiharrin, Barbara Hofmann, Hopeinen    
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Karaja Black in a Flash Mascara Instant volume - Professional curling - Extension - Definition   A Hi-Tech formula to improve the look of your lashes: high definition and the visual effect of extreme volume and separation in just one sweep. Quick, easy and smooth to apply for perfect results. The synergic action between the elastic waxes, special fast-drying filming agents and a custom curved wand provides immediate professional re-styling to shape your lashes at will.    
Karaja Tone on Tone Lash and Eyebrow Fixer Delicately coloured fixing gel that lets you naturally redefine and intensify eyebrows and lashes.   LASHES - We recommend using the gel before the eyelash curlers to help lashes curl more and keep it for longer. Indispensable for thick, straight, rebellious lashes.   EYEBROWS - Separates and shapes eyebrows, adding a light veil of colour to fill any gaps. Restructures the face.   For a more intensive look.    
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Karaja Lash Design Mascara, pidempäät ja volyymiripset heti Thanks to its innovative applicator that improves the extension and separation of the lashes, it creates a magnificent, immediate and visual lengthening effect.   Its soft and creamy formula, which has a visual volumizing effect, gently slips onto lashes and a nutrient complex based on Provitamin B5 and Almond Oil has a moisturizing effect, helping to restore and protect lashes.   Dermatologically tested.      
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Karaja Lash Lift Express Mascara Developed to visually thicken your lashes and encourage their natural curve, this mascara gives you an intense, deep look all day long. Its formula consists of carefully selected ingredients, combining waxes and polymers with a visual volumising and curving effect with active ingredients rich in peptides and oligosaccharides that help protect the lashes.   For an immediate and surprising visual result: your eyes are enhanced with new depth, density of colour and thick, full lashes.   Contains Vitamin E with antioxidant properties.              
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Karaja Night & Day 24h Mascara, Waterproof At last! A Night & Day mascara in the real sense of the word! Non smudge and non drip. Perfect colour for 24 hours until you gently wipe it off with plenty of hot water using just your fingers, the same way you would normally wash your face. Thanks to some outstanding new technology, the temperature of the water (about 38° C / 100° F) swells the special polymer film covering the eyelashes, breaking this up into small flakes that can then be easily rinsed off. No need for make-up remover. Ideal for brides and all those who need lasting mascara that remains perfect all day and all night long!!! 100% waterproof and absolutely NO TRANSFER! No more smudging, not even in hot or humid conditions.   HIGH DEFINITION APPLICATOR – EXTREME CURVE Max volume and curve effect thanks to the special applicator that lets you sculpt and shape each lash, one by one.   3D FORMULA WITH PANTHENOL + VITAMIN E The new gel formula with 3D polymers gives your eyelashes a three-dimensional look, guaranteeing amazing performance: exceptional definition, length and curve! Application is quick and the effect is immediate. Panthenol and Vitamin E protect and strengthen the eyelashes, keeping them healthy and supple. For a mascara with a delicate, creamy texture. Ophtalmologically and dermatologically tested.   Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  
Knot Free FLARE Short Black lashes, Michigan AVE M22, mustat ripsetupsut    
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Knot Free FLARE Short Brown lashes, Michigan AVE M18, mustat ripsetupsut    
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Prefect Silk Lashes, L-muotoiset, suorakärjellä pinsetit, kirurginen teräs 13cm.  
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L-muotoiset, suorakärjellä pinsetit, kirurginen teräs, terävät päät, ProNail    
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Termo taivutin ripsille, Lämmitettävä ripsien taivutin, Ripsentaivutuskevennys Paristot ei ole mukana Paristo 1xAA Patent: USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
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Leveä suora kärki pinsetit kulmakarvojen nyppimisen Pituus: 9.5 cm. Kärjen leveys: 4mm
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Tarkkat, ohut ja teräväkärkiset sakset Maiasa USA 9cm Laadukkaat materiaalit ja valmistus elinikäinen takuu. Pituus: 9cm. SASSI Maiasa Ultra Fine Eyelash Scissor
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Sakset, kynsinauhojen sakset, Sassi Professional Salon 83200 Pituus: 9cm.
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SASSI ripsien kiharrin kampa harjalla 84502, 11cm. SASSI Eyelash Curler Comb Brush Professional Salon Approved Sexy Eye Lash 84502 Brand New ! Easy to use One finger control Non-stick pad for perfect curling Retractable comb and brush for lashes and brows Professional-salon approved Prevents lash breakage Can be used with mascara on 84502
SASSI INDIVIDUAL Nopea Ja Vettä Kestävä Liima Ripsille For Falce, Single Or Flare Decorative Eyelashes Nopeasti kuivuva ja vedenkestävä. Pitää ripset paikallaan, kunnes poistat ne
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Pinsetit kulmakarvoille, ProNail 9cm.    
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Suorat päät pinsetit, ProNail