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Karaja Aquamatt Matt Watercolour Eyeshadow Can be applied dry, or wet for better, longer-lasting coverage.
17.00 EUR
Fimage Blush and Lip Rouge Set, 10 Shades
22.00 EUR
Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 15 Shades
Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 28 Shades
130.00 EUR
Karaja Palette No 204 Contains: Color correction No 1 Cream velvet No 1 Cream velvet No 2 Cream velvet No 3 Cream velvet No 4 Voile No 4 Voile No 5   Voile No 7
130.00 EUR
Karaja Palette Gold & Bronze No 63
130.00 EUR
Karaja Palette Gold & Bronze No 67
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Karaja Palette Gold & Bronze No 66
Karaja Eye Fusion Eyeshadow Trio Vibrant, silky and long-lasting colours.   Can be used on their own or combined.
Matis Reponse Teint Quicklift Foundation More than a foundation, QuickLift is a real beauty serum with a moisturizing, smoothing, firming and plumping effect. For all women who wish to enhance their day skin care with an anti-ageing action by taking care of wrinkles and / or fine lines, skin slackening and a lack of brightness. A true 2-in-1, both makeup and skin care. HYALURONIC ACID SPHERE FILLERS : this is an express filling and smoothing technology. From a biotechnological origin, it is based on water-hungry components. Dehydrated, they rehydrate themselves in the skin and fill in wrinkles and fine lines. QUICK’ ELASTIN : It is an active elasticity renovator from the dill seed extract. Its presence enhances the lysyl oxidase(LOXL)synthesis, an enzyme responsible for the cross-linking functionality and the elastic matrix, which is less produced because of ageing. REFLECTIVE PEARLESCENT LIGHTS : they provide immediate brightness and recreate the original skin’s luminosity.            
39.00 EUR
Matis Reponse Teint BB Cream, SPF 15 The multi-purpose skin care. This BB Cream is a unifying foundation care. Multifunction, it brings 6 beauty benefits in one step: hydrates, unifies, fixes, enlightens, helps fight against the signs of ageing, protects against UVA and UVB rays thanks to the presence of a 15 SPF. With a UV protection BOTANICAL ALTERNATIVE OF HYALURONIC ACID : this Cassia Angustifolia extract from an Indian plant contains polysaccharides which have the same properties as hyaluronic acid acting on the skin in two ways:     - they form a protecting film that fills in small wrinkles and smoothes fine lines,     - their water retention properties provide an intense hydration to the skin SUNSCREENS (15 SPF) : these filters are chemical and physical complexes which protect the skin against UV rays.            
NEW Aden kosteuttava huulikiilto Kosteuttava huulikiilto joka lisää kestävää kiiltoa. Saatavana eri väreissä.  
Karaja Stop Shine Oil Free Foundation The Stop Shine is a foundation with a light, silky texture that is invisible on the skin. The foundation is oil-free and perfect for sporty types. At its sole discretion, it is a good matte coverage and it gives a natural result. It is especially suitable for oily skin.
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
16.00 EUR
Karaja 7 Stars Eye Pencil
Karaja Diamond Water Illuminating pearly drops for face and eyes.
28.00 EUR
Karaja Wonder Sculpt 9 shade box - spectacular makeup. Supreme harmonious colours to enliven and outline your eyes.
Karaja Selfie Magic Contour Kit With technology inspired by photographic filters for an airbrushed photo effect. A silky contouring and highlighting cream for a sculpted face with bare skin effect as if retouched and perfected by photographic filters. Softens facial contours and attenuates imperfections like a second skin, conferring radiance and expressive intensity. Confers a sculpted, radiant look, perfect for a selfie of star quality.
Karaja Selfie Magic Contour Kit With technology inspired by photographic filters for an airbrushed photo effect. Velvety face powder - contouring and highlighting. It softens facial contours like second skin, conferring radiance and expressive intensity. Creates perfect contouring for a selfie of star quality.
12.90 EUR
Aden Face & Eye Primer Meigialuskreem
5.90 EUR
Aden Supersizer Mascara Supersizer Mascara is an amazing mascara formulated to thicken and build lash volume for a natural, but voluminous lash look. This mascara truly defines, volumes, curls and separates at the same time, it has a great texture that glides smoothly, assuring a comfortable application. Moreover it colors lashes in very rich dark black colour, giving you the so much dreamed dramatic look. Paraben free.
10.00 EUR
Karaja Marbled Eyeliner & Kajal Marbled eye pencil. An extraordinary melange of black and slightly pearlescent white pigments characterise this soft and creamy pencil. The waterproof formula, super longwear and no transfer, glides softly on the skin to leave delicate traces with a silver grey satiny effect.
25.00 EUR
Karaja Studio Liner, Brow And Eyeliner The soft and creamy formula lines and blends around the eye a decisive and opaque stroke, defines and fills the brows precisely. Very resistant formula, lasts hours and hours without smudging. Contains Vitamin E with antioxidant properties.  Close tightly after use. Dermatologically tested.
Karaja Micro Browliner
Karaja Sensual Shine Lipstick Lush, luminous lipstick.  Waterproof, long lasting, glossy. Soft and creamy it melts onto the lips with a velvety caress, giving a unique sensory expreience and unbeatable comfort. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Wonder & Fix Lip Colour
Karaja Face Dream, Blush Blush harmopny gives your face a touch of color and freshness.  
Karaja Fresh Ritual, Scented Body Splash Bag included! Spray onto your body after a bath/shower or at any time for an immediately refreshing sensation. For an invigorating sense of renewed energy and great wellbeing. Leaves the skin silky smooth, as if wrapped in a light veil of sensuality and softness. Contains eyebright water and chamomille with soothing and refreshing properties, plus a multifunctional gel with moisturising properties. Alcohol free.
Karaja Shanghai Stick 24H, Eyeshadow Stick A high performance stick eyeshadow. Soft and creamy, it can be quickly blended in your eyelids like an eyeshadow and used along the inner rims like a kajal eyeliner. Thanks to its incorporated sharpener, the tip is always perfect, ready to be used as a primer, i.e. as a coloured base before application of powder eyeshadows to intensify their effect and keep them looking fresh, as well as preventing clumping and transfer. Ophthalmologically tested. Close cap well after use.
5.95 EUR
Australian Gold Niisutav huulepalsam SPF 30 Australian Goldin huulivoide antaa huulillesi suojaa, estää niitä kuivumasta ja hoitaa palaneita huulia.     Sisältää suojaavaa Vitamin E:tä     Aloe Vera antaa luonnollisen pehmeyden ja parantaa huulien hyvinvointia     Käytännöllinen taskukoko     Kermaisen appelsiinin ja mintun makuinen            
   Aden Cream naamiointi piilottaa vikoja    Hänen neljä luonnon sävyt ovat todella tehokkaita piilottaa viat minkäänlaista tahansa pisteen tummia viivoja, iän paikkoja ja arvet, alueet punoitusta tai viallinen iho.
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Gerard's Magnetic Eyes Mascara, ripsiväri musta Extreme Definition  
5.90 EUR
Aden ripsiväriä mega tilavuuden    
22.00 EUR
Karaja Make Up Fixer WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT The fixer spray sets makeup and keep it all day long. Applied in a few seconds, it leaves a fine, invisible film that does not dry out the skin. Contains the soothing properties of chamomile and marigold extracts. USE Spray from a distance of about 8 inches, after make-up, with closed eyes and let dry completely. No propellent gas inside. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Do not spray into flames.