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Pronails Sopolish Shine, Top Coat
Pronails Sopolish Shine
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Malli:  Pronails Sopolish Shine
EAN / viivakoodi:  5413499275562
Valmistajamaa:  EU Europe
Pakkauksessa:  8 ml

Pronails Sopolish Shine, Top Coat

Everlasting shine
Easy brush-on application
No post-service dry time

Sopolish Shine is the high gloss top coat which ensures an everlasting shine to all Sopolish Colours.



After application of  the Sopolish Colour, apply a thin layer of Sopolish Shine over the colour and seal the nail well at the tip. Fixate under the UV lamp while applying Sopolish start to the next nail. Work nail by nail while alternating hands and cure the complete hand for 2 minutes under the UV lamp. Remove the sticky layer after curing with ProNails Pro Septic spray and a cotton pad.

Three important application tips for a long-lasting Sopolish wear:
1. Shake every bottle before use (roll through your hands)
2. Apply a thin layer every time
3. Seal every nail at the tip

For a trendy matt effect you can apply a layer of Matt Touch on top of the cured Sopolish Shine. You can remove the Matt Touch with a non-aceton polish remover to restore the original Sopolish Shine.