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Depileve parafiini lämmitin - Parafiinilämmitin, parafiinikylpy
Depileve heater white
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Malli:  Depileve heater white
EAN / viivakoodi:  29384932432 p1626
Valmistajamaa:  Hispaania - Spain
Maahantuoja:  Depilé
Pakkauksessa:  1 tk

Depileve parafiini lämmitin - Parafiinilämmitin, parafiinikylpy

It is intended for a warming up of paraffin, maintenance of its working temperature and for immersing of hands and feet of the client at procedure carrying out parafinoterapii.

It is supplied by a plastic cover, the inclusion button, a regulator of temperatures of a wide range, the light indicator of work of the thermostat, a food cord.

Capacity of capacity - 2,7 kg of the paraffin calculated approximately on 27 procedures for hands or 18 procedures for feet (under condition of imposing to 5 layers of paraffin).
Parameters of a network of a food - 220 In, 50 Hz
Parameters naprjazheni – 150 W
Weight - 2 kg
the Sizes – 39 h 24 h 19 sm
the Range of temperatures from 50 to 65ºР