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Jane Iredale GreatShape™ Eyebrow Kit
Jane Iredale GreatShape™ Eyebrow Kit
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Malli:  Jane Iredale GreatShape™ Eyebrow Kit
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Valmistajamaa:  USA
Maahantuoja:  Apellis Estonia OÜ
Pakkauksessa:  2.4 gr

Jane Iredale Brow Kit®

A take-anywhere brow kit that includes three brushes, transparent botanical brow wax and pigmented brow powder. Rich wax formulation leaves brows looking lustrous without any sticky residue. Water-resistant powder provides a softer, more natural appearance. Adds color, depth and highlights. Covers grey in brows.

key ingredients:

Brow Powder:

Provides glide.

Aids in distribution. Highly water repellent. Improves coverage without adding heaviness.

Pine Bark extract
Protects. Calms inflammation.

Brow Wax:

Sunflower Seed Oil
Provides vitamin E.

Provides bacterial protection.

Provides glide.