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Eternal Youth Beauty Bites
Eternal Youth Beauty Bites
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Malli:  Eternal Youth Beauty Bites
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Eternal Youth Beauty Bites 

Collagen is no longer simply a food supplement – it is a part of a comprehensive youthful lifestyle. It is a way to care for your body, health, and appearance, ensuring that you will feel well and your skin will have a healthy, youthful glow also in ten or twenty years. People today lead busy lives with their days filled to the brim with work, family, and hobbies. Therefore, something as important as collagen must be simple and easy to use at any moment.

Numerous studies have proven that regular use of collagen helps to maintain the skin’s youthfulness, reduce wrinkles, and keep the skin elastic. In addition, collagen has a positive effect on hair and nails.

The Eternal Youth collagen sweets are a convenient and delicious way to ingest collagen and appease your sweet tooth.

The recommended daily amount is 1–3 bites. One beauty bite contains 1 gram of collagen and vitamin C, which helps your body to obtain collagen. Recommended daily amount: 1–3 beauty bites. 1 pc contains 1 g of (bovine) collagen and 10 mg of vitamin C.

Store in a cool and dry place (18 ± 3 °C).




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