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Estel Curex Gentlemen Activating Šampoo
Estel Curex Gentlemen Šampoo,Aktiveeriv Šampoon
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Code:  Estel Curex Gentlemen Šampoo,Aktiveeriv Šampoon
EAN Code / Package Code:  4606453025759 8666
Producer:  Vaata pakendilt
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  300 ml

Estel Curex Gentelman Activating Šampoo

Gently cleanses hair and scalp. Vitamin РР and Biotin delicately treat bulbs of limp hair, intensively nourishing and strengthening it. Lupin extract activates microcirculation of blood, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss. Gives shine to hair, refreshing scalp.

Gentle cleansing. Hair growth stimulation. Tonic effect.