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Återanvändbar skyddande maskvisir
Reusable Face Shield with Fixed Cusion
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Code:  Reusable Face Shield with Fixed Cusion
EAN Code / Package Code:  p2360
Producer:  Eesti
Pack:  1 tk

Återanvändbar skyddande maskvisir

The forehead padding is glued to the visor and must be disinfected with the visor.


СЕ 94/62/EC, 99/42/EC и 99/177/EC

Headband: Adjustable rubber strap, replaceable, washable.

Material: Visor: PET 0.5mm chemically stable, strong, 90% clear, does not fade.Fork padding: PU foamHeadband: Latex and textile

Cleaning: Ethanol-based cleaners, including ethanol 70-80%, Master Chem EH80, Anios Oxy-Floor, Chemi-Pharm, etc.

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