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PaintGlow Theatrical Blood, Fake Blood
PaintGlow Theatrical Blood, Fake Blood
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Code:  PaintGlow Theatrical Blood, Fake Blood
EAN Code / Package Code:  5060335870469 5060335871435 5060335875747 ‎5060335875365
Producer:  Inglismaa UK
Pack:  10 ml

PaintGlow Theatrical Blood, Fake Blood

PaintGlow Fake Blood, also referred to as Stage Blood, is our top quality special FX blood that is rivalled by no other. For quality, consistency, colour, texture or the highest grade stage blood, look no further as PaintGlow fake blood is the finest on the market. Not only for Hallowe'en, we supply our Fake blood to film sets, movies and theatres all over the World to create professional special effects makeup.

Many other fake blood manufacturers have adopted the attitude that as long as it's red, it will do as fake blood. Here at PaintGlow, we created the ultimate fake blood which is by far the most realistic of its kind. Sold worldwide and proven very popular for film and theatre wound effects, our Fake Blood is the highest quality non-fade & non-flake blood available.

Key Features of our fake blood:
• Non-flake
• Thick Clotted consistency to simulate wounds, cuts and bites
• Easy Application
• Horrifying effect
• An intense colour that won't be matched!

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