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Chemi-Pharm Cascade High, Concentrated dishwashing detergent
Chemi-Pharm Cascade High
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Code:  Chemi-Pharm Cascade High
EAN Code / Package Code:  4742124001643
Producer:  Eesti
Pack:  1000 ml

Chemi-Pharm Cascade High, Concentrated dishwashing detergent

Concentrated orange scented dishwashing detergent for washing all dishes such as pans, pots, porcelain and glassware. Product is mild, but strong detergent which is sufficient also for washing very greasy dishes.

Cascade High is neutral, it does not contain phosphates. The tensides included in the composition of the product have excellent fat emulsifying qualities. The perfect washing result is guaranteed even in tepid and hard water. The dishes and glassware have a brilliant shine after washing. It also contains substances which protect and soften the skin of the hands. It’s environment-friendly, all components are biodegradable, therefore it is recommended to use in healthcare and child care institutions. pH 6-7

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