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Aden Extra Volume Mascara
Aden Extra Volume Mascara
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Code:  Aden Extra Volume Mascara
EAN Code / Package Code:  5999522670738
Producer:  Saksamaa - Germany
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  12 ml

Aden Extra Volume Mascara

Extra and endless volume and intense curves from the first stroke with longer, plumper and thicker lashes. Lashes are coated in deep colour, giving eyes a wide-open effect.

A shocking result produced by the perfect bond of brush and formula:
The brush, creates volume thanks to its smart design of special-shaped disks that are stacked and oriented for an ideal finish.
The quick-drying formula contains a synergic mix of bees wax and rice bran wax that grants an immediate volume.



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