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Right-Handed Bur for Gel Removing
Paremakäelise frees geeli eemaldamiseks
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Code:  Paremakäelise frees geeli eemaldamiseks
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Producer:  Saksamaa - Germany
Pack:  1 tk

Right-Handed Bur for Gel Removing

Small Bur for removing Gel Lac, Big Bur for removing Gel.

Manufacturer NTI-Kahla GmbH, Germany. Bur is made ​​of reinforced steel alloy, that ensures a truly long-term and high-quality result. Ideal tool to remove the old layer of gel. Easily removes gel nail polish quickly and efficiently both from the gel nails and from your nail plate. Suitable for both gel- and acryl nails. Suitable for all types of nail drills.