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ALTERNA Caviar Seasilk Blonde Shampoo
ALTERNA Caviar Seasilk Blonde Shampoo
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Code:  ALTERNA Caviar Seasilk Blonde Shampoo
EAN Code / Package Code:  873509015178
Producer:  USA
Pack:  250 ml

ALTERNA Caviar Seasilk Blonde,

This Caviar Brightening Blonde Shampoo from Alterna is designed to refresh and enhance the blonde tones in your hair, helping to eliminate brassiness and preserve your colour. This sulfate-free cleanser provides anti-ageing qualities for your hair, helping restore its youth and overall improve its appearance and tone, whether coloured or natural.

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair, leave on for 1-3 minutes. Lather and rinse off. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

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