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Refectocil full Starter Set with DVD and cosmetic bag
Refectocil big starter kit
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Code:  Refectocil big starter kit
EAN Code / Package Code:  9003877057666 9003877576624
Producer:  Austria
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  26 tk

Refectocil full Starter Set with cosmetic bag

For anyone who is not completely sure.. Try the kit and be convinced!

The kit includes: 

1x Micellar Eye make-up remover 

1x Skin protection cream 

1x Eye Protection Papers Extra (80 units) 

1x Tint nr. 1 - pure black 

1x Tint nr. 1.1 - graphite 

1x Tint nr. 2 - blue black 

1x Tint nr. 3 - natural brown 

1x Tint nr. 3.1 - light Brown 

1x Tint nr. 4 - chestnut 

1x Artist Palette 

5x Cosmetic brushes 

1x Tint remover 

1x Oxidant 3% liquid 

2x Color charts 

1x Style book )