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GODDESS SPRAY (Leave-in Conditioner) 200ml
Fantasy P Goddess Leave in Spray
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Code:  Fantasy P Goddess Leave in Spray
EAN Code / Package Code:  813910012724 3700814102408
Producer:  Prantsusmaa - France
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  200 ml

GODDESS SPRAY (Leave-in Conditioner) 200ml,

This product features rich vitamins, sunflower oil and lactic acid. Specially formulated to lock in moisture leaving hair tangle-free, easy to manage and silky smooth. Instantly hydrates and revitalizes distressed hair, leaving it soft, shiny and healthy looking. Strenght: 1/5, Shine: 3/5, Smooth: 5/5.

Directions for use: Apply 4-5 sprays to damp hair from roots to hair ends and comb through to ensure even distribution. Blow-dry and style as desired.

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