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Color Remover Wipes Hårfärg remover servetter
Color Remover Wipes
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Code:  Color Remover Wipes
EAN Code / Package Code:  7332832000174 030115
Producer:  Austria
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  100 tk

Color Remover Wipes Hårfärg remover servetter

Soft cotton fabric water-based without ammonia. Elimia effectively even darker spots of the dye into the skin without rubbing.

External use only Avoid contact with eyes. Approximate measure of the wipes 13 x 7 cm. 




Immediately after tinting, dampen a cotton ball with Tint Remover and gently rub the tint off. CAUTION: Do not apply directly on the eyelashes or to the skin close to the eyes!