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ItalWax Premium SPA Hot Film Wax Sandalwood
ItalWax Premium SPA Hot Film Wax Sandalwood
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Code:  ItalWax Premium SPA Hot Film Wax Sandalwood
EAN Code / Package Code:  8032835177031
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika
Pack:  1000 gr

ItalWax Premium SPA Hot Film Wax Sandalwood 

NIRVANA Premium SPA Sandalwood has an innovative synthetic wax formulation with Sandalwood oil for an aromatic SPA waxing procedure. This wax is created to be used with pre-waxing oil specifically to remove hair in delicate areas (armpits, bikini) and can be also used on bigger areas (legs, arm, back). The wax effectively removes short previously shaved hairs. The aromatic oil protects, moisturises delicate skin during the procedure and creates a relaxing effect. The warmed up wax has a pronounced aroma, it enhances the caring oil effect, which ensures the smoothness and softness of the skin after the waxing procedure.
The Sandalwood aroma brings positive emotions and helps to relax during the treatment.
The formula of this wax is specially developed to remove the unwanted hair on any part of the body, including the delicate areas. Due to its special composition, the wax is distinguished with extra softness and plasticity. The wax is easily applied to large areas, forming an elastic film. Accurately follows the curves of the body allowing to depilate poorly accessible areas at first attempt. Works at +40◦C/104◦F, no danger of burns. Combines ideal adhesiveness with skin friendliness. Forms a film-like application which is removed, eliminating all the hairs together with their roots, leaving no broken hair, irritation or redness.
– Premium SPA Hot Film Wax. Reduce wax consumption by approximately 30%
– Hypoallergenic wax, free of natural pine resin, for sensitive skin
– Exclusive synthetic film wax with the lowest melting temperature (38-40◦C/100-104◦F)
– Ultimate product form: pellets are universally loved for convenience and cost-effectiveness
– Impeccable salon results even after 1st use. No strips required. Professional use