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Collistar Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF 50+
Collistar Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ Päikesekaitse
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Code:  Collistar Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ Päikesekaitse
EAN Code / Package Code:  8015150260961
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  50 ml

Collistar Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ 

Specifically formulated to guarantee optimal treatment and protection for the fragile skin of the face, this cream is enriched with Carnosina, a substance with highly effective anti-age properties, which protects the cell DNA from damage caused by photo-exposure while, at the same time, preventing the degradation of collagen and the other dermal proteins responsible for the elasticity, compactness and firmness of the skin. Moreover, thanks to the addition of an active ingredient extracted from the Satsuma Mandarin (citrus unshiu), it controls localised irregular pigmentation, thus preventing the formation of brown spots. Soft and velvety, the cream is instantly absorbed, leaving the face extraordinarily smooth, and day after day it guarantees a glowing tan, while preserving and reinforcing the youthfulness of the skin. Besides the face it is also recommended for the areas most susceptible to ageing (neck, bust, décolleté and hands).

A cream with a soft, velvety texture, which strengthens hypersensitive skin and reduces reactivity, while protecting the cells from premature ageing. To tan safely while preventing wrinkles, brown spots and irritations.


Apply to the face and body before exposure to the sun. Repeat application in the case of prolonged exposure (especially after bathing or in the case of perspiration).

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