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PaintGlow Glitter Shaker
PaintGlow Glitter Shaker,Glitter Kehale Ja Näole
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Code:  PaintGlow Glitter Shaker,Glitter Kehale Ja Näole
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Producer:  Inglismaa UK
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  4 gr

PaintGlow Glitter Shaker

If you’re a sparkle magpie like PaintGlow, you’ll know that the temptation to adorn your face and body in glitter, rhinestones and sequins is pretty damn REAL. Hold it together hun! With PaintGlow’s bestselling Face and Body Glitter Shaker, there are no longer any limitations to your glimmering expectations. Lips, legs, eyes hair- whichever takes your fancy, pack that Glitter on!

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