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Jane Iredale PureGloss™ Lip Gloss
Jane Iredale PureGloss™ Lip Gloss
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Модель:  Jane Iredale PureGloss™ Lip Gloss
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Производитель:  USA
Импортер:  Apellis Estonia OÜ
Упаковка:  7 ml

Jane Iredale PureGloss™ Lip Gloss

Our lip glosses have always been one of our most popular products and now we’ve made them even better. We’ve improved the packaging so you get a flatter, sexier tube with a longer wand and more product. We’ve also improved the formula so it protects and nurtures your lips with state-of-the-art ingredients and a wonderful flavour – berry fresh. We’ve kept your favorite colours like Iced Mocha and added some new ones like Beach Plum that has won rave reviews from everyone around here.

    A luxurious formula that feels lusciously creamy on the lips
    Moringa butter and avocado oil make lips feel conditioned, moisturized, quenched and nourished
    Remarkably long‐lasting
    Free of petroleum‐based products

Use alone, or for a more polished look, fill in lips with one of our Lip Definers and layer a PureGloss on top.



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