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Aloxxi Gel Wax Гелевый воск
Aloxxi Gel Wax
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Модель:  Aloxxi Gel Wax
EAN / Код:  846943702485
Производитель:  Vaata pakendilt
Упаковка:  100 ml

Aloxxi Gel Wax Гелевый воск


Define your style with this strong hold formula that offers the control of a gel with the flexibility of a wax. Provides long-lasting hold and texture with a high gloss finish.

Key Benefits:

Provides the strong hold of a gel with the flexibility of a wax

Delivers sculpted polished style

Doesn’t leave hair stiff or crunchy

Adds high shine



Work through damp hair section by section and let air dry or blow dry depending on desired result. Can also be used on dry hair.

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