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Depileve Wax warmer insert
Removable wax container
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Code:  Removable wax container
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Producer:  Hispaania - Spain
Importer:  Depilé

Depileve Wax warmer insert

Wax Warmer Insert

Fits inside any Depileve 800gr or 400gr wax warmer. Use Film wax in beads or Traditional Wax on any customer by simply heating the wax in the insert.
400 g  VLZZCZ34N
800 g  VLZZCZ38N

Allows you to use the wax warmers as a multipurpose unit. Traditional waxes or bead waxes. Please specify warmer type when ordering. Available in 400 g. and 800 g. sizes.

This removable insert protects the inside of the Wax Heaters from messy wax residue

Features non-stick, easy to clean surfaces.

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