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GEL LAC Aden, 10ml.
Aden Küünelakk GEL LAC Aden, 10ml.
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Code:  Aden Küünelakk GEL LAC Aden, 10ml.
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GEL LAC Aden, 10ml.

The fusion of UV gel and nail polish.
ADEN GEL LAC is the latest development in the nail industry.
It is easy to apply like regular nail polish, but has strenght of colour gel. Amazing durability with guarantied high shine and stays on for at least 3 weeks, without chipping or peeling. Can be used on both natural and artificial nails. It is easy to remove and reapply.
ADEN GEL LAC is available in 100 superb colours and you can create endless colour combinations by combining 2 different layers of colour on the nails. Unit size: 10 ml, Made in USA Click on your favourite shade!

Shape the nails with 150/180 grift FILE.
Remove cuticle from nail plate with CUTICLE PUSHER.
Use MANICURE BRUSH to clean the surface of the nails, to remove the dust.
Spray the client's hand with CLEANER and wipe off. Use NAIL PREP as dehydrator, antifungus and sanitizer! For better result use also Acid-Free Primer. Wait till NAIL PREP dries prior to primer.
Apply Base & Top Coat GEL LAC in a thin layer, starting in the centre of the
nail. Make sure all the nail plate is covered and the free edge capped (to
ensure long wear), avoiding the sidewalks and cuticles. If polish has touched
the cuticle, remove prior to curing with an ORANGEWOOD STICK.
Apply to fingers on one hand and cure under UV lamp (Minimum UV Lamp capacity:
(9W or stronger, recommended 4x9W) for 2 minutes.
Repeat process on second hand and finish with the thumbs.
Apply one thin layer of colour GEL LAC to fingers on  the first hand, ensuring
to cap the free edge. UV lamp for 2 minutes.
Apply a second thin coat of colour GEL LAC. This coat will provide full
coverage with most colours (some colours may need 3 coats). UV lamp for 2 minutes.
Apply one thin layer of Base & Top Coat to fingernails. The top coat acts as a
seal for the colour and it is therefore important to cover all of the nail plate
and free edge, to avoid colour coming off. UV lamp for 3 minutes.
Spray with CLEANER to fix it.