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Angel Spa GinSeng Shampoo for Hair Loss
Gin Seng Shampoo 300ml
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Code:  Gin Seng Shampoo 300ml
EAN Code / Package Code:  813910012632 3700814102354 G-01
Producer:  Prantsusmaa - France
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  300 ml

Angel Spa GinSeng Shampoo for Hair Loss

GinSeng prevents breakage of your hair, rehabilitates structures, cleanse out every follicle and helps to stimulate new hair growth. Contains GinSeng extract Rb1, onion extract and eucalyptus extract that helps reduce excessive hairloss by replenishing your hairs nutrients providing a noticeable result.

Directions for use: Apply in wet hair, gently massage hair and scalp for five minutes, then rinse well.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), GinsegniExtract, Coco-Glucoside, GingeriTincture, Eucalyptus Oil,lCocamide MEA, D-panthenol,lCocamidopropyl Betaine, PropyleneiGlycol, Allantoin, GuarlHydroxypropyl Trimonium Cloride,lFragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol.