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Strictly Professional Bellitas Manicure Kit
Strictly Professional Bellitas Manicure Kit
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Code:  Strictly Professional Bellitas Manicure Kit
EAN Code / Package Code:  5033940004642
Producer:  Inglismaa UK
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika
Pack:  560 ml

Strictly Professional Bellitas Manicure Kit

1 x 150ml Creamy Cuticle Remover,

A highly effective product designed to soften and remove excess cuticle.

Directions: Apply solution carefully to the cuticle area. Work around the cuticle to soften and remove excess skin. Dip fingertips in warm water to remove solutin. Dry hands and apply Strictly Professional Cuticel Oil. 

1 x 100ml Hand Lotion,

A hand lotion developed to protect and moisturise hands. Easy to apply and highly effective. An essential product for all nail technician and beauty therapists.

Directions: Apply to the hands and massage until fully absorbed.

1 x 150ml Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover,

A gentle nail enamel solvent, specially developed for use on artificial nails.

Directions: Apply to cotton wool ball or bud and gently wipe the nail to remove nail enamel. Clean the treated nails after to remove residual odour.

1 x 100ml Manicure Mask,

Manicure mask with camphor oil. A specially developed treatment mask for the hands. The warming properties of Camphor oil help increase circulation and improve skin texture.

Directions: Apply a film of mask to clean skin. Leave for 10 minutes then remove with warm water. Complete the treatment by massaging with Strictly Professional Hand Lotion with Vitamin E.

1 x 60ml Cuticle Massage Cream,

Cuticle massage cream with rose. A rich cream with Almond and Camphor Oil developed specifically to increase clood circulation in the nail bed.

Directions: With the fingertips, massage firmly into the cuticle and surrounding area.

1 x Rubber Ended Hoof Stick,

1 x 3-Way Buffer Large

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