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Depileve Aloe Vera Rosin Wax, 800g.
Depileve Aloe Vera Rosin Wax
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Code:  Depileve Aloe Vera Rosin Wax
EAN Code / Package Code:  8431034000209
Producer:  Hispaania - Spain
Importer:  Depilé
Pack:  800 gr

Depileve Aloe Vera Rosin Wax 800g,

Ideal for all skin types. Liquid consistency wax with Aloe Vera has a calming and refreshing effect on the skin for a more comfortable epilation.

Directions: Warm up the wax in the warmer. Note that the wax is not too hot and apply on skin following the hair growth. Choose the size of the area according to your wish. Apply a thin layer. Put on the paper stripe, pat and remove with a quick move. Remove the residues with post-waxing oil. For professional use only.

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