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Ro.ial Wax warmer 800ml for waxes, 380W
Warmer VH800
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Code:  Warmer VH800
EAN Code / Package Code:  p1268
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika
Pack:  1 tk

Ro.ial Wax warmer 800ml for waxes, 380W

The use of wax in pots permits to effect a whole depilation treatment on any part of the body. To be alble to effect a depilation, the wax should be heated and kept in a constant temperature for the whole treatment. This wax warmer is equipped with a termostat that quarantes a constant temperature, with a minimum variation of the exact precision given.

Supply voltage: 220/230V, 50-60Hz

Electrical power: 380W

Temperature regulation: from +30 to +115 degrees.



Reassure that the temperature knob is in position OFF and that the led is not illuminated. Remove both lids of the wax pot and place it on the pot locator of the warmer. Insert the plug of the appliance into the earthed wall outlet of 230V. Turn the knob clockwise to the end (MAX). After approximately 20-25 minutes (depending on the atmosphere environment) turn the knob anticlockwise and place the knob in the middle (MED). Wait for antoher 10 minutes, check the density of the product with a proper instrument and start the application of the product on the skin. Under the whole treatment the appliance will maintain a constant temperature of the product. Once finished the treatment turn the temperature knob anticlockwise to the position OFF, and detatch the electrical cable form the wall outlet.