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ACM Novophane.K Shampoo
ACM Novophane.K Shampoo
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Code:  ACM Novophane.K Shampoo
EAN Code / Package Code:  3760095250199
Producer:  Vaata pakendilt
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  125 ml

ACM Novophane.K Shampoo

Shampoo against stubborn dandruff

Cleans the scalp and balances the skin flora. Helps eradicate severe dandruff and limit its appearance. It contains soothing and moisturizing agents and helps relieve red blotches and irritations of the scalp. Efficiently eliminates chronic or/and flaky scalp conditions.

Suitable for children aged over 3 years and adults.


Apply shampoo onto wet hair. Lather by gently massaging the scalp. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse.

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