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Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack
Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack Kooriv Jalamask
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Code:  Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack Kooriv Jalamask
EAN Code / Package Code:  8809328320195
Producer:  Korea
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  1 tk

Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack

An intensive treatment to rid the feet of dry, flaking skin.

Developed to gently lift away dead skin cells, the Foot Peeling Pack is an innovative and effective way to achieve silky soft and smooth feet. The two foot-shaped pockets are infused with an AHA-enriched serum which blends lactic and glycolic acids to break down and slough away coarse, flaky patches. The perfect choice for anyone suffering with dry, cracked heels, this simple, yet effective treatment will quickly restore feet to a smooth, healthy finish.

Please note: The skin will naturally shed over the course of three to four days after treatment, this is completely normal.


Put a mask over each foot.

Leave on the feet for ninety minutes.

Remove and massage in the excess serum.


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