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Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert
Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert
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Modelis:  Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert
EAN / Kods:  3139431072007
Ražotājs:  Prantsusmaa - France
Iepakojums:  10 ml

Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert

Eyebrow Lipocils Expert contains the same 5 brow-nourishing plant extracts as Eyebrow Lipocils to support fuller and defined eyebrows. In addition, melanin-loving natural ingredients give the brows a healthy revitalized appearance to brighten the face. Eyebrow Lipocils Expert has some of the same key ingredients as Lipocils Expert, at a doubled concentration to penetrate the thicker brow skin.

Our combination of plant extracts gently nourishes the brows, encouraging growth and intensifying color for a significantly fuller look after 6 weeks. Eyebrow Lipocils Expert minimizes the appearance of sparse areas for a fuller and redefined eyebrow line. Brows appear visibly denser after two weeks*!

*In a consumer study with 28 women, 85% reported prettier eyebrows, 81% reported fewer sparse areas, 73% reported losing less eyebrow hairs, and 78% reported denser eyebrows after 6 weeks. Initial results were visible after 2 weeks.