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3,99 EUR
Hairdressing Empty Aluminum Spray Bottle, Affinage Material: aluminum Capacity: 300ml Please clean this bottle regularly.
28,45 EUR
    Affinage electronic balance, scale with battery 9V               
Affinage ColourTech Colouring and Highlighting Meches X200 * The ultimate aid to modern colouring & highlighting techniques * Professional & easy to use * Clean and simple removal * Close root application * Super adhesive for better 'non slip' hold Instructions: 1. Take required section of hair and place adhesive edge of meche upwards at the roots and pull hair downwards onto the meche. 2. Apply colour or bleach to mid lenghts & ends then more sparingly close to the roots. 3. Place the clear part of meche onto the hair & ensure the edges of the meche are stuck together. 4. After processing remove and rinse with warm water.    
18,24 EUR
ASP Colour Dynamics Semi-Permanent Colour Pasteliser Ammonia free, Peroxide free. For use only with Colour Dynamics Semi-Permanent Colour. Mix Colour Dynamics Pasteliser with any Colour Dynamics shade to create incredible soft pastel effects. DATEM PLUS Technology boosts colour penetration for beautifully even, fade resistant results. Conditioning, shine inducing formula with Shea Butter and Argan Oil nourishes, strengthens and protects. Instructions: Pre-lighten hair to palest blonde using ASP bleach or lightener. Colour Dynamics should always be applied to pre-washed, towel dried hair. Mix Colour Dynamics Pasteliser with chosen Colour Dynamics shade. Vary the mix ratio to create your own effects. A guide is provided on the shadechart and inside pack. Massage into the hair for best results. Brush application not recommended. Develop for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse hair until water is clear.
3,80 EUR
Affinage Colour Key The Affinage Colour Key slides onto the end of any tube and turns, to dispense the perfect amount of colour every time - right down to the very last drop.
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Affinage Salon Professional Polisher Condition And Shine Liquid shine serum.Use sparingly.Rub a small amount between hands and apply to dry hair.
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Affinage Technique Brush    
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Affinage b:RED Tinting Brush    
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Affinage Tint Bowl