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Non Woven cap, Nurse Cap
Ro.ial disposable foam slippers
Ro.ial Thong For Women, Single - Use 
Non Wowen roll
6,84 EUR
Depileerimisvaha paberid Roial 250tk
2,71 EUR
Roial Standard 100 Oeko-Tex 100pc
3,80 EUR
Depileerimis paberid Roial Non-woven Small Premium Quality 200tk, 3x12,5cm
10,26 EUR
Depileerimise paberid Roial Premium Quality 500tk
Non woven bra, disposable
1,80 EUR
Depileerimispaberid Roial Standard 50 Oeko-Tex Premium 50pc
2,47 EUR
Film for mud and hair, 100m. x 13cm
0,56 EUR
Non woven boxers for man 1pc, single packing
70,77 EUR
Multi spray parafin or wax cartiges warmewr 220V, 200W
Ro.ial disposable open toe slippers
Ro.ial disposable closed toe slippers
Disposable wooden spatulas
43,90 EUR
100ml. trio wax cartige heater
14,16 EUR
Ro.ial 100ml. wax cartige heater with window
PE Polythylene cap for shower
Non wowen face mask for face treatment
ROIAL Italy Facial tissue 100pc.
3,61 EUR
Pure cellulose roll 500pc.
42,75 EUR
Tris wax heater base
Paper bedspread, disposable, 100m
3,90 EUR
Metal spatula with wooden handle
Ro.ial Disposable Bag for Footbath 49 x 46 + 16
HDPE Film for mud procedures, 160x200cm.
8,55 EUR
Towel dry paper, embossed absorbent, 40x70cm
3,99 EUR
Paper towel, dry paper, embossed, 40x50cm
3,71 EUR
Paper towel, dry paper, embossed, 40x30cm.
Non wowen towel
Ro.ial Disposable G-String for women Disposable G-String ideal for beauty salon and spa. One size.
Non woven round carpet
11,40 EUR
Neutral Massage Oil of pure vegetable oil from Italy with eucalypt, menthol and ginsenf extracts Ingredients: Glycine soja oil, panax ginseng extract, menthol, helianthus annus seed oil.
7,50 EUR
Ro.ial paper + polyethylene bed cover Perforated disposable bed sheets in roll Papers coated on one side with polyethylene that can be used as surface protection and for many other applications. Material: polyethylene, cellulose Width: 60 cm Lenght 50 m Perforation after 37 cm   Color: blue
Ro.ial Disposable Closed Toe Slippers, Black
Black Tanga Single Packed, Slip Donna
Ro.ial  men's tanga underwear
18,53 EUR
100ml. wax cartige heater with window
1,44 EUR
Depil wax with chlorofil 100ml Classic wax for normal and sensitive skin. The best choice to make hard hair depilation. Applied on hands and legs. It is very important to prepare skin for treatment. Wax applied with thin layer and has a minimum expenditur
26,40 EUR
100ml. DUO wax cartige heater
114,00 EUR
Professional wax heater 300W
61,75 EUR
Depilatory wax heater, 100w
1,08 EUR
Non woven polipropylene bedspread, 220x90cm. Lined with a rubber band + 6 additional straps
14,44 EUR
Cartige wax heater with cable, 35W with window, Gold Collection, Roial
21,75 EUR
Depilation set Roial Kristal Epilation kit
2,94 EUR
Depilation papers, Roial Gold Collection, Black, 100psc, 7x20cm.