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11,40 EUR
Vigor Active shampoo, everyday use shampoo for men with calming effect (M.A.N.), Ideal for everyday use shampoo suitable for all hair types. Leaves hair fresh and vibrant. Enriched with revitalizing Mineral Complex, which helps to reduce the damage caused by stress and fatigue. After use your scalp is like a new. Directions for use: Apply to wet hair. Lather and rinse off. Repeat the procedure if necessary.  
10,26 EUR
MAN After Shave Balm, After-shaving balm perfect for delicate and sensitive skins. Boosted with the Revitalizing Mineral complex, M.A.N., it carries out a hydrating and refreshing action, and helps soothe post-shaving redness. It absorbs quickly to give long lasting and invisible protection. Allergy free-fragrance. Directions for use: Apply after shaving, massage.