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HDPE Film for mud procedures, 160x200cm.
Non woven round carpet
Polüethüleenkile Kehahooldusteks
Ro.ial Disposable HDPE Trousers for Mud Treatment
Ro.ial Disposable Closed Trousers
8,08 EUR
Eyeglass Sleeve
11,26 EUR
Depileve Paraffin Plastic Liners, 100 Units Use these plastic liners to avoid contact of paraffin with mittens or booties and to properly dispose of paraffin after each treatment.
Blue Disposable PE Arm Sleeves Covers  Oversleeves 40cm.
Medola PE Sleeve Cover
Gelish Wrap it Off Foils Foil Wrap Removal System. Simple, easy & quick gel polish removal at your fingertips. Sturdy pieces of high-quality foil with a cotton pad adhered to the foil makes taking off gel polish quick and effortless.
Gelish Wipe it Off Nail Wipes Lint Free Nail Wipes 300 CT Made of 100% soft absorbent cotton, these lint-free nail wipes provide exceptional performance for all professional services. Ideal for removing nail lacquer, gel residue and for cleaning acrylic nail art brushes, Gelish Wipe It Off Lint-Free Nail Wipes are completely sanitary and textured for speedy, superior removal.

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