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3,90 EUR
Nailpad roll, Roial Italy, 1000psc
Nailpad roll 5x4cm, Zelletten
4,75 EUR
GlamLac Professional Nail Wipes Lint free nail wipes are used for removing dust from the nail plate and for using cleanser and remover.
6,84 EUR
Lint Free, Super absorbent Nail Wipes, Nailpad ply, 5x5cm, Bellitas UK Strictly Professional 100 Percent Lint Free Super Absorbent Nail Wipes Pack of 200 100% Lint Free Nail Wipes. Each pack contains 200 super absorbent lint free nail wipes. Also suitable as part of a Shellac, Gellish, Gellux treatment. An essential product for all nail technician and beauty therapists. Size: 5cm x 5cm
Orly Gel FX Foil Remover Wraps Foil wraps for gel polish removal.
Orly Gel FX Lint-Free Wipes Our Lint-Free Wipes are used to wipe the nail clean and remove the tacky layer without leaving anything behind.

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