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4,18 EUR
Peal märgitud möödud 10-100ml (0,1-1dl.) Läbimõõt, sisemine: 50mm Kõrgus välimine: 70mm
Bravehead Colour Mixing Bowl
3,42 EUR
BraveHead Dye bowl, square Use for all tinting techniques
4,85 EUR
Goldwell Topchic Coloring Bowl
12,83 EUR
Tints of Nature Mixing Set Contains bowl, brush and measuring jug
Plastic base, Polythenist mixing, cleaning advice, diameter 21 cm
2,85 EUR
 Dye Bowl, Small
4,08 EUR
Bravehead Jumbo Parted Dye Bowl Colour mixing bowl with 2 sections.
2,19 EUR
Echosline Tint Bowl
2,45 EUR
Affinage Tint Bowl
1,05 EUR
Angel Professional Paris bowl 14cm. 250ml.

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