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Bravehead Hot Curling Brush
Macadamia Hot Curling Brushes Macadamia Natural Oil 100% Boar Hot Curling Brush is specially designed for ultimate heat styling. Combining the highest quality 100% Boar Bristles with a stylish ergonomic design the Macadamia Natural Oil 100% Boar Hot Curling Brush features a superior Ceramic base to provide excellent heat distribution whilst styling, resulting in outstanding results on hair. Boar Bristles maintain the hairs natural health and shine leaving hair smoother, shinier and more manageable
4,70 EUR
Silver Rounder Nylon 20 hairbrush
Tangle Angel Shine Angel Professional Ultra-Shine Brush Boasting unique, V-shaped natural boar bristle technology, the Shine Angel Brush - Medium allows for closer contact with the hair shaft, leaving your locks smooth, shiny and static-free. Meanwhile, the revolutionary, two-tier, ionic nylon bristles smooth your hair cuticles, gliding through your hair effortlessly, whilst the wooden handle with rubber grip allows for optimum glide and control.  
Bravehead Ceramic / Ionic Curling Brush
The Copper/Ceramic Thermal Round Brush The Copper/Ceramic Thermal round brushes feature vents that allow airflow from your blow-dryer to reach hair directly for fast drying and styling. Use it to create curls and waves, on blow out smooth and straight style. The aluminum barrel features a copper and ceramic coating and provides up to 50% better heat transfer. Nylon bristles. Three sizes: ø25, ø33, ø44 and ø53 mm
Paula Gray wild boar hair comb with a round wooden handle Lenght: 23,5cm.
3,90 EUR
Rich Satin Touch Medium Round Brush This brush has been professionally designed to give you glamorous curls or sleek, smooth hair. The medium ceramic barrel absorbs the heat from your hairdryer and radiates it back into your hair to help reduce frizz and create a smooth finish. Ionic bristles also help reduce static and cut the time it takes to dry your hair!

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