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6,08 EUR
BraveHead Chromed Dryer Holder Chromed dryer holder. Wall - mounted. Diameter 7cm.
9,90 EUR
Digital Timer Necklace 99-min, 99-sec electronic salon timer. Soft touch, loud alarm, hanging strip, ergonomical design. Battery is included
9,50 EUR
Goldwell Digital Timer Digital timer
11,40 EUR
Selfie Light LED Selfie ring light for Your smartphone (CLIP-ON). Take the perfect selfies or quick makeup touch-ups with your phone camera anywhere, anytime with the Selfie Ring light. Suitable for all smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and other devices (laptop, iPad etc) 3 levels of light intensity (dimmer) color: white color temperature: 5000K-7000K   Uses 2AAA batteries (not included)
7,20 EUR
Diamond Series A04  Pocket Digital Scale • Max weight: 100g, Min weight: 0.01g. • LCD back light display.   • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Not includes batteries
20,52 EUR
JRL Fresh Fade Clipper Blade Blade for JRL clipper.
20,52 EUR
JRL Fresh Fade Trimmer Blade
31,00 EUR
JRL Professional FreshFade Comb Attatchment Blade for JRL trimmer.
12,95 EUR
Pacific Shaving Blade Oil Cut your razor blade expenses in half! The act of shaving is not the leading cause of a dull blade. In fact, the 24 hours in between shaves do more damage to your razor blades than the shave itself. Exposure to air (oxidation) corrodes blades quickly, leading to a jagged edge and ultimately nicks and cuts. Using safe and natural ingredients, Blade Oil™ has been clinically shown to slow the effects of oxidation and extend blade life by up to 95%. This saves you money and produces less waste. Works with all razor blades. No mess - applies directly to the blades. Travel friendly. Safe and natural ingredients. Lasts up to 160 applications.
Oster Blade Lube Premium Clipper Oil Premium lubricating oil is designed for professional use as a non-detergent oil meeting FDA purity standards. Ideal for all clippers and blades. Regular use will significantly prolong clipper and blade life. OILING UNIT: Oil unit periodaically. Add only one drop of Oster Oil. TOO MUCH OIL WILL DAMAGE THE CLIPPER. STEP ONE: If your clipper is equipped with an oil port on the side of the unit, apply only one drop of oil into port to lubricate the drive shaft. OILING BLADES: STEP TWO: Clean blades regularly using a clean cloth and blade brush included with clipper. STEP THREE: Place ONE DROP of oil on upper rail where the two blades make contact. STEP FOUR: Place ONE DROP of oil on lower rail. Replace blades on clipper and apply two drops of oil across blades and wipe off exess oil with clean cloth.
9,71 EUR
BraveHead Tornado Chrome Hair Dryer Holder
23,75 EUR
CeraHolder Adjustable Holder For Hot Styling Tools If you have no good place for hot styling tools a holder like this can be a great money saver. This adjustable holder can change its size to accommodate tools of many different sizes, up to two at a time. Place it flat on a table with the suction cups or mount it on a wall with the screw holes on the underside of the foot.
3,80 EUR
Timer, Affinage multi purpose digital timer Requires one AAA 1,5V battery
11,40 EUR
BraveHead Dryer Holder Swirl Chromed dryer holder. Diameter 9cm. Wall - mounted.
7,60 EUR
Heatproof Finger Glove Heatproof glove to work with wands and other heat-tools. One size. Comfortable glove protects from burning your hands and makes curling pleasant and safe.
5,50 EUR
Wall Stand for Oster    
4,15 EUR
Oster Gear Lube , Premium Clipper Grease Hard-working lubricant grease. Prolongs the life of the hair clipper. Designed specially for all universal motor clippers, designed for all brands. Use to lubricate clipper head gear mechanism every six months for a smoother running tool.    
13,30 EUR
Oster Kool Lube, Clipper Blade Coolant Lubricant All in one blade disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner and coolant. Regular use keeps blades sharp and prolongs cutting performance.    
Oster Pilot 616 Accesory Blade      
7,67 EUR
Oster Comb Attachments 8 Pcs. 0 - 1,5mm 1 - 3mm 2  - 6mm 3 - 9,5mm 4 - 13mm 6 - 19mm 7 - 22mm 8 - 25mm          
37,05 EUR
Goldwell Digital Scale  
7,20 EUR
Head Replaceable Lens Loupe Magnifier Magnify Glass, 1.6x 2.0x 2.5x 3.5x This is a very practical Magnifier in life, which is designed especially for extra sharpness and clarity. It can enlarge fine print in jewelry, maps, newspapers, directories, legal documents, coins, stamps and antiques etc. when you don’t use it currently, the lens can be retracted in shell. For the design, it is so compact and lightweight that it can be easily put into your pocket wherever you go. To have the Magnifier and magnify your world! Features: Brand new and high quality. Quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity. You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details. Lens loupe made of optical glass. Inspect object at 1.6x,2.0x,2.5x,3.5x times power. It can be quite easily used under the following conditions: Interesting work such as carving, handcraft and sewing.Assemble or repair small fitting. You can also use this product even if you wear glasses. With readings, it can precisely read the actual size of a small article. Specifications: Lens diameter: 8.5cm x 2.4cm. Magnification: 1.6 x,2.0 x ,2.5x ,3.5x Magnifier. Dimensions: 23cm x 14.8cm. Color: Black. Lens Quantity: 4. Package Included: 1 x Head-wearing Free Loupe Magnifier 4 x Lens
Magnifying Glass with LED Light Two hands can be used! With two led lamps, bracket and headband is interchangeable. Easily used for reading books and newspapers, nail artists, eyelash, drawing pictures, handicrafts, appreciating flowers and miniature landscape.  This maginifier is attatched with five elongated lens that can change magnification. Five kinds of multiples: 1-3,5. Open LED lighting source in poor light. It is advisable to adjust lens angle and LED light irradiation andle to ensure that light source can irradiate the surface of viewed object accurately and make it more convenient to use. If you need to use this magnifier for long time, it is advise to change bracket into headband state, which can make work comfortable.
43,32 EUR
Hanhart digital timer, 2 system, with batteries  
6,18 EUR
Mini Led Fun 32 different light effects. Works with three AAA batteries, batteries not included.
5,00 EUR
Heatproof Glove Heatproof glove to work with wands and other heat-tools. One size. Comfortable glove protects from burning your hands and makes curling pleasant and safe.

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