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246,05 EUR
Artecno Eco Small Trolley An Eco solution that will give a green style to your salon. Well-finished natural wood trolley with a large worktop covered with a steel removable container in order to protect the surface, 2 roomy shelves where you can place esthetician equipment, towels, tools and bulky items. Four 50mm wheels with friction ring stem. Height:  92 cm Width:  38 cm Depth:  38 cm Weight:  8,3 kg
Artecno Steril Box Micro Swich Sterilizer Efficent germicidal device that provides a full sterilization of brushes, metal tools, tools with wood or plastic inserts, with 9W UV light bulbs. It keeps sterile tools previously sterilized. Its door is fitted with a micro switch to switch on and off the device everytime you open/close the door. 41x27x21 cm. 2 kg

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