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SASSI Nail glue
4,28 EUR
BYB Bond Nail Glue Cap with brush, convenient to use Compact, portable, easy to carry and store Suitable for professional and home use Nail glue net weight: 10 g Ingredients: Alpha Cyano Acrylate   Bottle material: Plastic
8,07 EUR
Gel Glue, Resin Activator, Gel Glue Accelerator - Professional Salon Quality Gel Resin – Same as usual nail glue but more thick. Gel Resin was setted slow setting so Gel Resin doen’t dry w/o activator. Activator – Activator is the necessary catalyst to dry gel glue. Please spry activator 30 away from nail then glue will dry quickly. Link to "How to use similar products" - How to fix a broken nail:
9,41 EUR
Glue remover, Sassi USA - Works immediately    
4,28 EUR
Lemon Cosmetics Nail Glue NAIL GLUE is a thin glue for bonding the nail­tip and to repair the nails. Dries quickly. The glue that should be in every woman handbag! Suitable also for gymnasts, dancers and other performers to bond decorations to dresses and shoes.
4,74 EUR
Pronails Brush On Nail Glue A very thin viscosity glue (Hydroquinone-free formula ) used to glue nail tips with a brush and not a nozzle. Use the brush to put some glue on the nail and press the tip firmly onto the nail. Perfect for natural nails, artificial nails and tips. The glue reduces the gluing time. Secure bottle: the glue never leaks when the bottle falls over.
Gelish Secure Brush on Nail Glue   Hand & Nail Harmony medical grade cyanoacrylate adhesive for superior purity and workability. Will adhere nail tips in 10 seconds with brush on application for precision and minimal wastage. Must be used in conjunction with pH Bond for ph balance and dehydration.

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