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Depiléve Collagen Elastin Plus, use before parafin Moisturing milk. Soothing non-greasy moisturizing milk enriched with collagen and elastin deeply hydrates for a soft and supple skin. For daily use. Directions: Apply plenty of product to your skin and massage until it's absorbed. For external use only.
5,56 EUR
Depiléve Antiseptic cleanser Dermo Spray Used to clean hands before the paraffin dip. Use it regularly to keep your paraffin clean for a longer time.  
13,06 EUR
Depiléve Dermo Peel peeling cream This is a product specially formulated for the hands and feet. Soft and effective action which eliminates dead cells. Necessary for preparing the skin and favouring the penetration of active ingredients. It stimulates cell regeneration. Directions: Firstly, to clean your skin, apply Dermospray. Then apply peeling cream to spots you need and massage until it's absorbed. For professional usage only.

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