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Strictly Professional Bellitas Eau de cologne, 500ml. A delicate blend or natural vflower waters used as a cooling and refreshing treatment after massage. Can be used to fragnance bath and pedicure water. Directions for use: Apply to skin cotton wool or directly splashed onto area. Alternatively, add 25mls to pedicure bowl or 50 mls to bath water.  
Strictly Professional Bellitas Refreshing Pedicure Bath  With Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil A foaming foot bath with essential oils. Lavender helps with relaxation, peppermint refreshes, cools and invigorates whilst tea tree is renowned for its antibacterial properties. The perfect way to put life back into tired feet.   Directions for use: Pour a suitable amount into a foot bath. Soak the feet for the desired length of time.
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SÜDAcare Foot Bath That the warm water for to a foot bath preference and makes the skin of the feet Ideal for your work as a base or carer/in. Cleans, refreshes and stimulates the feet. Hard Skin, Corns and Calluses Are Soothed erweicht, foot problems.   Works at the Same Time deodorising and disinfects. Prevents infection athlete's foot.  
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SÜDAcare Foot Bath Salt   Foot bath salts - A real blessing for your feet after a hard day. Empowerment and disinfection. It makes your skin soft and receptive to residual pediatric treatment. Delicious fresh lemon, peppermint, tangerine and lavender scent.  
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Pronails Foot Care Massage Balm A non-occlusive massage formula used to conclude the pedicure service.  Massage lotion for efficient deep tissue treatment.  Infuses essential moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients for immediate absorption deep into the layers of the epidermis.  Allows enough slip, ideal for in-depth massage of feet and lower legs.  Result: Healed and healthy soft feet feeling silky soft.  Very economic in use!
Pandhy's Antifungal S.O.S. Series-Oil Blend The PANDHY'S™ SOS Antifungal Nail Mycosis and Athlete's Foot Treat Oil is a valuable blend of carefully chosen, premium quality, pure essential oils which are well known anti-fungi weapons. It efficiently but gently treats athlete's foot and nail mycosis. Beside its antifungal prosperities, the oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effects which help maintain healthy foot hygiene! Important information, please read carefully before the application of the products! Some compounds (such as: limonene, linalool, citral,   geraniol, cinnamal, eugenol, etc.) of certain oils can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Therefore always do patch test before use. Apply 1 drop of undiluted oil onto the inner side of the lower arm and rub it in. If no reaction is detected within 24 hours, the oil can be applied safely, without any risk. The oils are for external use only, should not be ingested!  Avoid contact with eyes, mucosa and injured skin, if it happens; rinse with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are photo-sensible or can increase the photo-sensibility of the skin, therefore sunbathing, solarium, etc.  should be avoided  within 12 hours after application. Most oils are moderately flammable, avoid using them close to flames.
Orly Mandarin Purifying Soak ORLY Pro Purifying Soak is perfect for pampering tired hands and feet. Purifies, refreshes and softens leaving an aromatic scent of Italian Mandarin. The rich antioxidant and conditioning Dead Sea salts and Avocado Oil formula leave skin soft and renewed.  

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