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L'oréal Blond Studio Post-Lightening Shampoo Lightening residue removal shampoo, specific for post-lightening and highlighting services. Eliminates traces of lightening products. Gently cleanses. Contains softening elements.
19,58 EUR
L'oréal Luo Shampoo
L´Oreal Professionnel PRO Classic Texture Shampoo Pre-straightening and perming shampoo.Removes excess substances residues to optimise the action of the perming or straightening service.      
L'oréal Professionnel INOA Post Shampoo Post INOA hair color shampoo.
Schwarzkopf Supreme Keratin Deep Clarifying Shampoo During the first step of the Supreme Keratin service, the hair fibre is optimally prepared. The Deep Clarifying Shampoo, featuring hydrolysed Keratin, is working at a 7.5pH value which slightly lifts the cuticle.

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