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Estel Princess Essex Cream Color,Kreemvärv
Estel Princess Essex Cream Color,Kreemvärv
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Code:  Estel Princess Essex Cream Color,Kreemvärv
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Producer:  Vaata pakendilt
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  60 ml

Estel Princess Essex Cream Color

PRINCESS ESSEX Color Cream was specifically designed for those who appreciate high quality and reliability.

PRINCESS ESSEX has a diverse range of modern tones and contains ingredients that restore and promote hair and scalp health!

PRINCESS ESSEX Cream Color makes it possible to achieve the desired hair color regardless of its complexity. From extra red and radiant “lumen” or creative fashion hue to any kind of 88 shades from the basic palette, PRINCESS ESSEX provides a tone-on-tone harmony!


In addition, PRINCESS ESSEX provides the treatment your hair needs during coloring. Keratin Complex helps revitalize hair, Beeswax provides nourishment and creates a calming sensation on the scalp, while Guarana Seed Extract leaves it feeling revitalized!

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