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Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer Black
Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer
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Code:  Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer
EAN Code / Package Code:  8032529420665
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Pack:  1 tk

Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer Black

Shock-proof hair dryer 2200W

Bi™ is equipped with the patented technology Tryosystem™, developed and deposited by Ceriotti, a unique series of features that make the hairdryer
1) more powerful and efficient than ever before, with +25% airflow and over 2000h of lifespan
2) resistant to shocks and accidental falls
3) self-cleaning, preventing the impurities to penetrate inside the dryer

These features ensure a consistant reduction in the claims generated by the hairdryer, resulting in a higher durability for the product, in a reduced need for assistance/maintenance and in a reduced cost for the hairdresser and for the wholesaler as well.

Power: 1900 - 2200W
Motor: silent long life AC
Cold shot
2 speed, 4 temperatures
Weight: 425 gr
3m cable


Ion generator:      YES
Power:      2500 W
Cord length:      3 m