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Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo
Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo
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Code:  Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo
EAN Code / Package Code:  813843032417
Producer:  USA
Pack:  150 ml

Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo

Revives limp, lifeless hair by instantly absorbing excess oil and impurities that weigh hair down. This fast drying waterless spray, formulated with rejuvenating Black Seed Oil, extends the life of your style by refreshing the roots and providing a pure foundation for layered styling. Paraben Free.

Shake well before use. Hold can 6” away from head and spray throughout hair and scalp. Let product dry then massage scalp with fingers or brush into desired style.
1. Use on second and third day styles to reduce washes and extend the life of your blowout or color.
2. Use dry shampoo before going to bed to absorb oils overnight to help maintain a fresh style.
3. Use at the roots to provide a boost of volume or add texture.