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Chemi-Pharm Chemihyd Des
Chemi-Pharm Chemihyd Des
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Chemi-Pharm Chemihyd Des

High level disinfectant and cheical steriliser for medical instruments. Readymade solution for high level disinfection and chemical sterilization of all water-tolerant instruments. Product has a bactericidal effect, destroying bacteria (incl. Mycobacterium terrae), viruses (incl. HBV, HIV) and fungi.

pH 5.4 - 6.5.

The product meets the requirements of EN 1040, EN 1275 and EN 14476.
CE labelling in accordance with the Directive for Medical Devices (MDD).Used for high level disinfection and/or chemical sterilisation of instruments. Pre-cleansed instruments are disassembled, if needed, and placed into the solution in a lidded container. Make sure that all surfaces are covered with the solution. Time of effect is 20 minutes for high level disinfection.

For chemical sterilization time of effect is 3 hours. After the time of effect, rinse with sterile or running water. Solution’s time of use is 30 days, if used on pre-disinfected instruments. Not suitable for use with amines. Is suitable for use both in ultrasound baths and in endoscope washing machines.

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